Fierce and beautiful Matoi Ryuko. ( ˘ ³˘)❤

You know, this anime gets a lot of trolls and hate because of “too much fan service” or it being too over the top. Did anyone ever think that maybe that’s just the style of the anime? My personal definition of fan service would be "a rare glimpse of our favorite female or male characters body in a way not seen regularly in the anime". In Kill la Kill’s case, this is how Ryuko-chan looks 90% of the time! No longer fan service, just a part of the anime’s style. Yeah, there are a lot of pretty lady parts being flaunted all throughout this anime, but I see plenty of naked fellas as well, and it all just goes along with the over-the-top style of the anime. Over-the-top animation, story line, art style, music, characters, voice acting and costuming. That’s what I love about Kill la Kill, it doesn’t really care what people think, its going to just be awesome no matter what!(^▽^)